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Dazzling views, sunny weather, heavenly food and friendly locals – these are just the beginning of an incredibly long list of advantages Spain has to offer. We have already appreciated its charms, and now we help people interested in discovering the magic of the Iberian Peninsula to find their home here.

Are you looking for your dream property on the Spanish coast? Would you like to be assisted by professionals who are able to find a property perfectly suited to your taste and budget? Do you count on support in formal and legal issues? Welcome to Costa Iberica! Our agents will guide you through the entire process of purchasing real estate – from selecting and presenting the best offers, through assistance in obtaining investment financing, to finalizing the contract and handing you the keys to the new dream home.

The strength of Costa Iberica are committed and efficient agents who know Spain, its culture and the real estate market there. They are able to find real architectural pearls and finalize the transaction on behalf of the client in a fast and safe way.

We are perfectly aware that the purchase of real estate in another country is associated with a number of challenges, which is why we support our clients at every step and offer them full formal and legal services in the selected language. We make sure that the process of purchasing a given property runs smoothly and is ready for new owners.

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A new house in Spain in 6 steps
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After specifying your expectations, we will prepare offers tailored to specific criteria.

Then, after agreeing a convenient date together, we will present selected properties.


Once the final purchase decision has been made, we reserve the property to secure it against selling your dream home to another interested person.

The reservation is preceded by drawing up a preliminary sales contract, during which the amount of the deposit is determined.

On the basis of this agreement, we draw up the appropriate notarial deed as the basis for the transfer of property rights.


The documents that are necessary to buy a property in Spain are primarily:

– Spanish tax identification number N.I.E
– Confirmation of opening an account with a Spanish bank
– Passport or ID card

Signing the
notarial deed

The notarial deed is written in Spanish. For our part, we provide full support in formal and legal services with translation to your language.

On the day of signing the notarial deed, our lawyer will accompany you to ensure that all the paperwork is completed correctly.


When buying a property in Spain on the Costa Blanca, you must remember the tax 10% VAT (VAT) for non-residents and 8% for residents, which must be paid within 30 days.

Comprehensive notary services and registration fees in cadastre and mortgage registry


The service includes the issuance of the N.I.E. Opening of bank account, connection of public services, liquidation and payment of taxes and all activities related to the purchase.

the purchase

Regardless of whether you need to obtain a tourist license or order tax settlements,

our department of legal experts provides comprehensive services in all areas.

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